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Our Services

At Capdar Enterprise, we pride ourselves on providing fast, dependable, and comprehensive waste management solutions to businesses and organizations in the Klang Valley area. Choose Capdar Enterprise for cost-effective and hassle-free waste disposal solutions that you can rely on.

Industrial Building
Urban Modern Interior Design

Industrial Waste Disposal

Collection, transportation, and disposal of waste generated by factories and manufacturing plants.

Office & Hotel Waste Disposal

Regular waste collection and disposal services designed to maintain a clean and healthy environment.

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Condominium & Mall Waste Disposal

Sustainable waste collection and disposal services designed to reduce the impact of waste on the environment.

Construction & Renovation Waste Disposal

Specialized waste disposal services designed to handle the specific waste generated by construction and renovation


Waste Recycling

Sorting, processing, and recycling of recyclable materials such as paper, plastic, glass, and metal.

Public Cleansing Services

Street sweeping, drain cleaning, and other services aimed at maintaining cleanliness and hygiene in public spaces.


Organic Waste Management

Collection, composting, and proper disposal of organic waste materials, such as food waste and yard waste, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote sustainability.

Waste Management Consulting

Consultation and advice to businesses and organizations on effective waste management plans and sustainable waste reduction practices.

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